Welcome to Boss Ladies ireland

We started our business in September 2020. We have always been passionate about small businesses based in Ireland and watching them grow especially female owned businesses. As two young females we noticed a lack of female representation in business and entrepreneurship.

In fact, in 2015, men were approximately three times more likely than women to be self-employed in Ireland.

As a result the idea for establishing Boss Ladies Ireland came to fruition. 

Our mission is to change the landscape for female entrepreneurs in Ireland. We want to increase the number of female entrepreneurs so that young girls have role models and a community to join when they start their own venture.

When Covid happened, we noticed that many businesses had to switch to an e-commerce model and build their social media presence. For small businesses, without the resources of big brands, building an e-commerce store and social media profile can be overwhelming. Many of our small businesses are creating products, managing inventory and delivery so the need to add social media may be an extra pressure.

At Boss Ladies Ireland, we are offering support to female owned businesses in a number of different ways.

Firstly, we are building a community of strong female entrepreneurs where we can support one another. As the Seanfhocal goes “Ni neart a cur le cheile”. We want to make sure that we are empowering one another especially in an area where women are underrepresented. 

Secondly, we are offering on our Instagram page free promotion to female owned businesses. The idea behind this is to give exposure to local female businesses in Ireland. Additionally we are providing “Tips and Tricks” where we offer practical advice for any female who is building a business irrespective of whether you are at the start of your venture or you are an established company trying to make a name for yourself on social media.

Lastly, we have built this online directory for all the Boss Ladies of Ireland. With our online directory we are offering a paid listing for female owned businesses. We want to make it easy to support female owned businesses with the click of the button.

Stay tuned for the next few months as we expand our business and grow our support networks across the country.

Emily and Lucy x

P.S. You can learn more about Boss Ladies Ireland here and see the Press for Boss Ladies Ireland here

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